Waste not want not has always been our motto, so we avoid using landfill whenever possible. Our materials recovery facility (MRF) separates your waste and saves you money because it saves on landfill taxes. And it goes without saying that it benefits the environment. We process approximately 100,000 tonnes of fully comingled paper, plastic and metal cans every year. 

What happens to your waste?

Waste can be recycled in a number of ways once it’s left your premises. Once sorted at the MRF, your waste items are saved for recovery or reprocessed quickly and conveniently for your business. Paper is shredded, baled, turned into pulp and pressed into new paper. Cans and tins (non-ferrous and ferrous) are crushed, shredded, melted and pressed into blocks for reuse. Plastic is sorted according to its type of polymer, which determines each material’s melt temperature and possible end uses. Fascinating, isn’t it? 

What can be recycled?

  • Paper – newspapers, magazines and sheets of regular paper etc.
  • Cardboard – cereal boxes, cards, cardboard packaging, cleaned out cartons etc.
  • Clean metal tins or cans 
  • Clean plastic bottles, plastic pots, tubs and trays

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We can offer waste monitoring, service assessments and audits to improve your waste management.

We can offer waste monitoring, service assessments and audits to improve your waste management.

Case Study

Climate Fife

Climate Fife demonstrates the breadth of the team skills and delivery capability. Our team led the development of this full climate plan for Fife Council.

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Sandy Anderson, Service Manager – Waste Operations
Fife Council

“Cireco were instrumental in the planning and delivery of the 4 bin service. One of the key factors was the level of communication between Cireco and ourselves, in my opinion it led to a very successful project delivery.”

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Neil Young, Commercial Director
Brockwell Energy

“I have worked with the members of Cireco management team for a number of years now and always find them to be a very professional outfit with a positive can do attitude. They are a pleasure to do business with and can be relied upon to deliver on their commitments both commercially and operationally. The team have an exceptional understanding of the market, enabling them to anticipate change and channel their resources to support the demands of a dynamic environment. Under the management team’s leadership, I’m confident the newly branded business will continue to grow and develop in line with their strategy whilst maintaining its agility and meeting the needs of their clients and stakeholders.”

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Chris McLean, Operations Director
Site Waste Solutions

“Efficient, knowledgeable and provide a high level of service from a dedicated team. Communication is paramount in this industry and Cireco (Scotland) provide just exactly that.”

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Calum Sinclair, Owner
C. Sinclair Fresh Fish Merchants

“We are a small family run fish merchants business and have been supplying the local community and restaurants for nearly 8 years now. With our recent expansion to the High Street in Kirkcaldy we run 2 retail shop and a fleet of vans delivering Scotland wide.

We have been using Cireco (Scotland) for several years in our original premises and now use the service for both shops. What we liked about the service is the straight-forward pricing, which is not reflected in a lot of the competitors out there, and the regular availability of pick-ups in our area. Also, as a busy High Street fishmonger we sometimes get overwhelmed some weeks and the ability to just phone up and book an extra uplift is vital to us, and it’s an easy service to book. Customer service is excellent, so communication is great if you ever have any issues.

We would thoroughly recommend Cireco (Scotland) to any small businesses looking for the best service to meet their commercial waste requirements.”

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