The plant, situated just outside Dunfermline, is currently processing material collected from Fife householders in their cardboard and paper bins and their cans and plastics bins.

By changing the programmes on the optical sorters the equipment can quickly be changed to separate different comingled recycling streams into specific materials ready to be sent onto the recycling markets.

The MRF is currently processing approximately 11 tonnes of mixed cans and plastics per hour and has ensured that all the cans and plastics generated by Fife’s 160,000 households is is sorted locally before being transported to processors to be recycled.

With a processing rate of 8 tonnes an hour for paper and cardboard this has also had a substantial impact on the way in which the material collected from householders in Fife is dealt with.

Having the ability to alter the equipment’s programmes Cireco will be investigating how we can assist other collectors of different comingled recycling streams in dealing their material at this facility.

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