Brockwell Energy Ltd are responsible for the construction and operation of 2 energy from Waste facilities. They co-own Earls Gate Energy Centre and manage Westfield Energy Recovery Facility.
The Energy from Waste plant at Earls Gate will be a fully integrated heat and power facility that will provide all the energy needs of local industry and produce additional electricity, steam and/or hot water for businesses, industry and residential purposes. It will process up to 216,000 tonnes of commercial and industrial pre-sorted waste every year, export more than 33MW of heat for industrial use and produce more than 22MW of electricity. Westfield is expected to treat at least 240,000 tonnes of household-type waste from the surrounding area every year for decades to come.
Cireco are key in securing large contracts for residual waste material to feed into both Energy from Waste facilities, as well as bringing residual domestic and commercial waste from Cireco’s owner, Fife Council.

“With support from Cireco we have confidence that both Earls Gate and Westfield will be successful in developing long term markets for material from as soon as the facilities are online. Cireco have been instrumental in securing long-term residual waste markets, using their unique position and understanding of local authorities. We couldn’t have asked for a better company to partner with.” Andrew Dean, General Manager, Brockwell Energy Limited
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